Electronic Leashes

Someone I met the other day stated the term “Electronic Leashes” and a discussion began about it.  You see, back when our grandparents were dating, grandpa would go out and play a game of golf and have some beers after and grandma wouldn’t be blowing up his cell phone asking when he would be home.  Grandma could go out and hang with the girls for a girls-night-out without getting text messages every hour or so.


Have we sabotaged relationships with our new electronic leashes?  To be specific today, leashes include cell phone calls, text messages and Facebook.  With the divorce rate up, we should begin to ask ourselves what is contributing to this.

It is good for you to spend time apart in relationships.  It is so difficult to be apart today by all the ways we can be connected to one another.  Seek out a routine, but one that gives you each amble time away without having to answer to one another.  It is healthy for every relationship to have time away and to connect with friends and family outside of the relationship.  When did we start to think that being in a relationship meant that you had to spend every second with one another?

Get rid of electronic leashes and give some free time to one another.  What do children always do when they have to answer to mom?  A lot of times they try to get away with what they can.  Getting rid of electronic leashes will make one partner feel less like “mom” and the other partner feel like they will have to rebel less.  Its a win-win.


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