How to Not Drunk Dial or Tipsy Text

Have you ever woke up in the morning to look at your phone and go, “oh shit!”  Well, I am sure this has happened to the best of us.  No matter who you are most people in our generation have done a drunk dial.  We should breifly  highlight how to not drunk dial or tipsy text:

  • Give your phone to a friend.  Make sure this is a friend that will not get drunk too and give the phone back after you begin to demand it later in the evening.
  • Have a friend put a passcode on your phone, so you can’t get into it.
  • Leave your phone at home.
  • Don’t drink; limit yourself.
  • Let your phone be close to running out of battery before leaving for the evening.  This way it will run out prior to you even considering picking it up.
  • Have some self-control.
  • Be creative and try something like this:



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