The Marriage Business Plan

Every great business starts with a plan.  In marriages, how well thought out is that plan?  The prenuptial provides an out if the marriage is exited, but what about during the marriage?  Where is the planning in that?  Not wedding planning, but marriage planning.

Things to consider for a good marriage plan:

1. Financials.  Will you share an account, keep separate accounts?  How will you split bills?  Who will pay them?

2. Separates. Do you have separate items or houses?  Duplicates of items and ones you need to get rid of?  How will you join or discard your items?

3. Unforseen. What if one of you is out of work?  Can your job alone carry the household?  What are your back up plans?

4. Chores. What will each partner do to help with laundry, cleaning, yard work, etc?

5. Family time.  Where will you spend holidays?  How often will you require that your partner see your family and vice versa?

There are many items that go into a business plan.  Business plans can take months to compile all the data.  Use the same care and consideration when going into a marriage.  Planning can help future success.


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