Your Dating Timeline

Making a timeline helps us reconstruct how events took place or a past that we came from.  We use timelines for different reasons, but additionally they can help us to look through the past mistakes or habits of our relationships.

If you have a tendency to get stuck in the wrong kinds of relationships maybe a timeline can help you learn from past mistakes or gain insight in making future changes.  Patterns can be found in the way we interact with the people we are in relationships with or why we chose them in the first place.  Use this timeline to set goals and to establish healthier relationships.

Making a timeline of your ex’s and past relationships will explain the following:

  • attributes of people you seek in a relationship
  • patterns of people it did or did not work with
  • reasons why the relationship ended

The timeline should consist of:

  • names and dates
  • fight and non-fighting habits
  • likes and dislikes
  • emotional connections or disconnections
  • sexual encounters and how they were
  • attributes, attitudes and personality of the people you dated

Rationality trumps emotion in the long run.  If you find your actions stemming from emotion most of the time, it is time to evaluate what is hindering you from reacting without rational thought patterns.  You deserve positive and healthy dating experiences.  Learning about yourself and your habits can help you begin this journey.


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