How To Write your Wedding Vows

You can use the classic wedding vows of the church, pastor, or spirituality of your choice.  Or you can write your own (view the video above of the wedding scene from the movie The Vow).  How will you go about writing the sacred words that only take place once, on one day, and express such an important relationship in a few short sentences? Two simple steps.

1. Get some inspiration!   We are all inspired by something.  The reason we are on our way to marriage in the first place is because we have something so special to share with only one other person that we are making that commitment.  Watch movies, remember quotes, read books and listen to music to get inspired.  Take that inspiration to come up with your own words or expressions for the love you share.

2. Be yourself. You and your partner know the deepest things about one another.  Maybe the wedding audience won’t know what you are talking about, but your intimacy is a private thing, not a public one.  Make it special to the two of you and the things you share.


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