The Four Relationship R’s

Some of us struggle to understand what a healthy relationship should look like.  Perfection is often difficult to reach, but as a result some of us tend to sell ourselves short of the important attributes that healthy relationships should have. Here are the four basics that relationships need to have to stay strong and to last. 
  • Respect: It is important that both partners have mutual respect for one another.  You can not build communication without some groundwork; such as understanding and compromise.  Respect for differences, boundaries, and change is essential.
  • Reliability: This is a huge part of a relationship.  Having two reliable people in the relationship helps lay a ground work for trust.  To have a sound emotional relationship, you need to able to rely on your partner.
  • Realism: For the individual.  You must not get lost in fairy tale romances and must have realistic views of relationships.  There is change, struggle, and challenges, as well as commitment, love, and intimacy.  You should be able to bring reasonable expectations into the relationship.
  • Romanticism: Bringing romance into the relationship is important.  Although females may be the first to express a need for this, it is often what can help the relationship stay strong and intimate for both partners.


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