How to Know If Your Relationship Will Last

Relationships go through a lot of different trials, but some situations can bring out someone’s nature more quickly.  Look at this list to make sure you see your significant other in the given situations or scenarios:


  • Friends and Family.  You should spend ample time with your partners’ family and friends.  Look at how they interact with those closest to them.
  • Wedding.  You should accompany each other to at least one wedding before ever thinking about tying the knot yourself.
  • Traveling.  Go on a trip or two with your significant other (preferably a week or more).  See how they pack, travel, and work through unfamiliar places.
  • Work stress. Work is a large part of most of our lives.  Understand how your partner reacts to pressures at work.  Do they give up?  Or do they git-r-done?  This says a lot about the character of a person and how they adapt or handle stress.
  • Silence.  Relax and let the silence be and see how they handle the situation.

But what are you looking for in these scenarios?  You are looking into their relationships with others and their reactions to stress or life.  This can tell you a great deal about how they will interact with you in the long run.  How they react to situations tells a lot about how they will react to the situations that come up in the relationship.


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