When is Too Sweet Too Safe?

Have you ever heard someone tell you, “You are too nice”?  Or have you ever thought about the person you are dating, “They are too sweet.”

When is too sweet too safe? When do you have to call it quits on a partner that is just too nice? Or when are you just pushing all the nice ones away?

Too sweet is too safe when:

  • You are never intellectually challenged by your partner
  • You can not be honest because their feelings are always hurt
  • Anytime you say jump, they ask you how high? (Remember it is OK and normal for your partner to do nice things for you.  This is an extreme of someone giving too much)
  • They are exhaustively doing things for you and you realize you are not reciprocating

Are you too passive?

The term push-over sounds harsh, but Ask Men will tell you- 7 Steps to Stop Being a Pushover

Or Are you a passive-pusher?

When someone is nice to you do you tend to push them away?  If this happens, it is time to deeply evaluate your choices in life in regards to dating or choice of partners. People can change and their habits can change.


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