My Friends Don’t Like My Significant Other

Have you ever been in a relationship where your friends don’t like your partner?

What can you do when your partner and your friends are not getting along?

There is not much you can do to change someone’s opinion of the other person.  It is important to note whether this is a reoccurring theme with a lot of your friends or if it is just one friend.  Multiple friends not liking your significant other might be a sign that your friends are seeing something in this person that you can’t.  Sometimes the outside opinion of others can be what we need when we are so emotionally invested.

If this in not the case, you should talk to your friend and find out what needs to change for them to get along.  If your partner is a good catch they will do everything they can to have a good relationship with your friends, especially the friends that are most important in your life.  If your friends are good friends, they will also do everything they can to be pleasant to your significant other.

You can’t ignore tension between your partner and your friends.  In the end, this doesn’t work.  We need healthy relationships that compliment our romantic relationships.


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