Taking ‘Space’ in a Relationship

If You Need Space:

Make sure you understand why you need space before you bring it up to your partner.  This will allow you to appropriately relay your thoughts to them.  Be clear about why you need space and most of all- Be Honest.  You should be taking this time away to consider all aspects of the relationship and where you see the future of it.

Warning: Your partner might not agree with you and they may just end the relationship during this talk.  Be ready for that.

 If They Need Space: 

You need to respect that your partner needs space.  You might have anxiety about the reasoning for them wanting to take space, but you can confide in a close friend to talk about this.  Keep the anxiety at bay so your partner doesn’t want to push you away more, because this could happen.  You need to give them space.  Don’t question with details about how long of a break, etc.  Just let them contact you when they are ready.

Warning: If they immediately are contacting you, coming back or didn’t even take at least a week of space, this is a red flag.  They don’t know what they want and are bringing you into their emotional instability.  They want you when they don’t have you and don’t want you when they do.


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