Baseball and Marriage

The Baseball Story

Weaver is pitching for the Angels.  Bases are loaded, no outs.  The Angels managed to get a force play at home.  Then Weaver gets two more batters out.  The game ended in a win for the Angels and a combined shutout. So whether you are a Yankees, Rangers, Angels or Twins fan- baseball has more in common with marriage than you think.  In baseball, there are so many plays and tactics that go into making it work just right.  The same goes for relationships and marriage.  You can not always predict the umpires’ call and you can not predict where you will hit the ball.

The Marriage Story

In marriages you spend as much time with your spouse, if not more, as the men who play baseball spend with their team.

You need to learn how to:

Know your position and play it well: Know your manners and temperaments in your relationship.  Your spouse is depending on you just as much as you are on them to make the marriage work.  Without each person on the team working hard, one person will end up carrying too much of the ‘team’ weight.

Be a team player: Learn how to pick your battles and let your partner win theirs.

Be open to change:  Pitchers have to change-up their pitches depending on the players on base or the ball to strike count.  Be flexible with the needs of your partner.  Know that sometimes you are going to have to be open to change.

Remember you are contracted with your spouse much longer than a baseball player is contracted. You need to learn to joke with one another like the players do in the dugout and also be able to be a team player when it is time to win that game.  In baseball, you can not win every game.  In marriage battles will happen, it’s not about the wins or loses, but how you play the game.


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