How to Get Him to Pop the Question: Will You Marry Me?

So you have been seeing “the guy” and are waiting for him to ask you that one question: Will you marry me?

That one question that will make your heart skip a beat, that will make the dream you have of your wedding day a reality, and that will get your facebook relationship status updated to engaged


Every fancy dinner reservation or exotic trip leads you to get dressed to the tens for the dream picture you had of saying yes that day.  But the last two fancy dinners or trips that you thought were leading up to the big question only left you with three letters- WTF? 

You are still waiting him to ask you the big question.  So what can you do to secure those four words before you loose your patience and your mind? 

Try This:

  • First, Don’t vocalize. He does not need to hear you say that you are ignoring him or acting like a bitchy girl until he pops the question. 
  • Act like a dude and let up.  Get busy with your girls, work too much, take an extra work out class, or get back in school.  Whatever you do, make your top two priorities anything that but him. 
  • Be less interested.  You and this guy have obviously been together for awhile and there is nothing that is prompting him to hurry the question.  However, just like the DTR (Define the Relationship) Talk, he will be more inclined to pop the question if he doesn’t “got you where he wants you.”  be less interested in the relationship until he is ready to commit.  
  • Sexy.  Loose that extra weight you have been trying to, get your hair did, and get some new clothes.  He will notice when those double takes begin and he will want to secure you by asking: Will You Marry Me? 


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