My So-Called Dating Life

I told myself over and over again that I was going to be very careful before I went exclusive with someone next.  If you see my dating time-line, one might wonder if I paid no attention to rational and made moves only based on lust.  I would agree in most instances.  Emotional thinking and reacting was a way of life for me.  

I went to see Savages last night.  This chic had two relationships at the same time.  I know the ideas of this in the movies and shows seem sexy, I tried, but it is just not me.  It is something I thought would help me decipher the “winners” from the “losers”, but this isn’t the case.  The real losers end up showing their true colors, and if you are savvy you need little reality to compare them with. 

You see that is the problem with relationships.  We think that we are going to have some fantasy, because shows like ‘The Bachelorette” take dates to a level that is difficult for any normal person to achieve.  

The reality of relationships is that they can be difficult, confusing, and scary.  They can also bring love, happiness, and understanding.  My So-Called Dating Life is Now My So-Called Relationship.  I am happy to share mine with you.   


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