‘Husband Left us for a 22-year-old’

Watching an episode of Dr.Drew last night, I met the woman called Elle.  Elle is a now single, once bitter mom and soon to be ex-wife that utilized her heart ache to make a for-sale sign for her house:


Although on Dr.Drew the mom laughs off the recent infidelities of the family, I am not convinced that pain wasn’t still somewhere lodged in behind all the news crews.  (The mom and dad both approved the sign before it went up.) The mom stated that she wanted the children to grow up in a home that is not broken, and although the ironic nature of the sign and situation, it brings me to believe we need to see the situation in truth, not humor.  

We live in a society where facebook statuses and texts take place without much thought.  We believe that it is appropriate to bash others that have hurt us or to leak our emotion via world wide web.  Elle needs to remember although this is her way of getting through the suffering, she is also sending an insufficient message to her children.

Be mindful when you are hurting.  Seek appropriate help and don’t let your ‘hate’ get the best of you.  Make a plan to seek help in healthy ways so that your children and future generations learn how to cope appropriately by seeing us cope appropriately.   



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