Agree to Disagree

I am beginning to realize that some of the advice I give about romantic relationships will work in many other relationships.  This thought was inspired by a book I am currently reading: Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence.  It has been used in business and personal realtionships alike.  But what does this mean for us?

No matter how happy you are in your romantic relationship, if you are not happy in other relationships, casual or work- it leads to more difficulty in being happy in other areas of your life. It brings in confusion and choas to the other parts of your life that are stable.

Let’s look at the a root of unhappiness- Arguing and Disagreements.  Whether you are in the mist of a disagreeement with someone at work, school, or in a relationship sometimes backing down can be the best thing.  The tension that is brought in to your emotional state and the way you might be defensive or getting rilled up can have bad effects on your emotional stability.


Know when to let battles go.  Also know that if there are people in your life who you spend more time arguing with then being on good terms, then maybe it is time to break up with them.  Romantic relationships aren’t the only kind that can end in break ups.  Agree to disagree with people who just feel the need to argue, diagree, or fight all the time.

Lead a healthy life of full, respectful, and mutually satisfying relationships.


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