Is Your Cell Phone Ruining Your Relationship?

How attached are you to your cell phone?  Let’s be honest, more than likely it’s near you 24/7.  You probably even sleep with it by your bed.  Don’t give me the “alarm clock” excuse.  They still make alarm clocks you know, and they work just as well as that ridiculous ring-tone on your cell.

My point is: too much time on your electronic devices, constant texting, or too much Facebook stalking could be causing strain on your relationship.  Too much technology pushes us away from having to employ actual social skills.  The actual social skills are what we need to have good communication in our relationships.

It’s not even the individual time you spend with these things, but how much time do you and your partner spend in the same room both surfing facebook or typing texts?


If this photo looks at all familiar, it is time to evaluate just how much time a week you spend communicating with electronics rather than people.  Relationships require active communication, listening. and interacting with one another.


2 responses to “Is Your Cell Phone Ruining Your Relationship?”

  1. i tried to enact a “no phones during dinner” rule — it didn’t work. the BF said i sounded like his mother, that wasn’t quite what i was going for, lol.

    • I think that is a great rule! Especially dinner; it is about spending time with one another and talking about the day. Unless your BF is a Dr who is on call then I suggest you try to have a respectable talk with him about it again. He should respect his mother’s wishes and yours:)

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