Generation “Hook Up”

Goal Auzeen Saedi, Ph.D. wrote an article published in Psychology Today titled: Whatever Happened to Going Steady?  This article sparks a lot of thought about what our current generations are going through when it comes to dating.  

With Generation Y including those born in the early 80’s to the early 2000’s that is all of us ranging from 11-31 years of age.  My initial response was how large that gap was, but then I remembered that kids these days are “hooking up” and experimenting with the opposite sex as early as 5th grade. If that isn’t scary enough as a parent; generation “hook up” will seemingly have a more difficult time engaging in real quality relationships.  Even after you talk with your teens and pre-teens about sex, how can you teach them about the quality of old school dating habits with all the social hype encouraging the complete opposite?

The first thing you can do is: Build and instill confidence.

The second is timeless: Good parenting that will help your kids to be more appropriate in their relationship choices.

Lastly:  It is never too early to begin the teaching.  Children are influenced by what they see at a very young age.  It would be nice to see mom and dad taking date nights, and just mutually enjoying one another.  

   Above all, don’t be afraid to talk with your kids about their relationships.  Although teens often push you out the door before you can get a word in, they are listening and inspired by your encouragement.  


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  1. Great article and thanks for the mention! Good luck in your MFT program-you’re already thinking like a wise therapist 🙂

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