Let’s Talk About Sex (Especially If that Makes You Nervous)

Some couples have difficulty talking about sex.  What your partner needs and desires may be different from what you need and desire. Effective communication is something that can be learned.  Open communication about sex is also something that can be learned.


An article in Psychology Today talks about how almost all couples suffer from sexual desire problems.  The number one reason that couples break up is from communication problems.  A lack of communication about sex is assumed to be a large problem for some couples to.


When you try to have conversations about sex, it is very similar to other conversations with your partner.  Effective communication has to be learned.  Don’t be judgmental and have an open mind that what they want and need may be different from your wants and needs.

Remember these things about sex:

  • Communicating about sex can be difficult
  • Foreplay is important
  • Be humble to establish true passion with your partner
  • Removing tension will make bedroom time more fun


If you are unsure about certain bedroom issues and want more information on sex topics, great articles from well written and educated people can be found on: http://www.psychologytoday.com/topics/sex




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