How to Hit on a Man with Sports

Samantha from Sex and the City got the crappy end of this stick.  In one episode she won a man over at a sports bar, but this man was often neglecting her and watching sports television any time she was around.  Trust me when I say, this is not likely to happen.  Sure, men love sports, but not more than they love woman or hanging out with a potential partner.

Here is the quick run down:

  • Baseball would be my number one pick because the season is so long, but pick a sport that is at least mildly interesting to you. Baseball is over this October.
  • Football begins tonight, so if you want to make moves soon, this is a good choice.  Teams don’t play more than once a week, so it’s easy to keep up with.
  • Pick a local team and know it.  Chances are that the local people and the local pubs are going to like the same team.
  • If you already have your eyes on a certain someone, know his sport and team and know it well.

Fake it til you make it:

Watch SportsCenter and read the Sports Section.  The announcers and writers will tell you how your team is doing and how other teams are doing.  Take words and cues from them to insert some fancy pick up lines that include sports talk.

Learn the chatter. In baseball it is a run. Never say point.  This words will be easy to pick up when watching the sports channels.

Know the players.  Learn at least the top five players on your team so you can insert names during conversations.

Visit local sports pubs.  This is the best way to get introduced to  a team; watching them play while in the company of potential partners.

Some Pick up lines:

For your feisty side.  If you know that your team is up on a certain team and you see a guy in the losing teams’ gear, drop him a : So you are still rocking that hat (shirt, etc) even though the ______ (insert your team here) swept  (baseball term for beating a team in the whole series) them.

For you nice side. When you see someone in the team gear, ask how their team is doing this year.  Know how to continue the conversation by asking questions and announcing how your team is doing.

For your skilled side.  Once you know and understand the ins and outs of your sport and team, you will be able to initiate a long and detailed conversation that will lead to him asking for your digits.


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