Hey! Why do You Think it is OK to SEXT me?

Well everyone, sexting was officially added in Webster’s Dictionary this year.  “Sexting” is defined as: a blend of the words sex and texting, and first came into use in 2007. It’s the act of sending lewd messages or racy photos via cellphone.

Parent Rant:

If you are of the baby booming generation or older, just ask your oldest (one that it at least in college) kid about this.  Also make sure to talk about it to your teens.  Sexting is something that needs discussed and understood.  The worst thing you can do is ignore the issue and let teens’ peers help them make these decisions.  Simply talk to them and help them understand the dangers.

Why do you think it’s okay to Sext me? 

Have you ever gotten some shirtless picture from a person deciding to send it to you after taking it in their bathroom mirror?

Do you sometimes get text language from a possible partner that seems vulgar?

Overall, a person that crosses lines like this does not have much discrepancy themselves.  Your language, texts and interactions may be responsible for leading them astray.  I am not suggesting that you are the one giving them the wrong idea, but controlling your actions is always easier than controlling someone else’s.  Control your actions and hopefully theirs by following these don’ts.


  • Use sexual language
  • Send sexual pictures
  • Make jokes that allude sexual talk
  • Overstep your own boundaries
  • Be too sexual in your mannerisms

Never assume that your privacy is safe with someone when it can be quickly streamed or sent anywhere.


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