After the Honeymoon Stage

We have all heard of the honeymoon stage in a relationship.  It is understood as the “happy, romantic” time of a relationship; the time when your partner is your biggest fan and you are theirs.

The length of the honeymoon stage is debatable.  Some say it lasts from a few weeks to a few months, while others believe it lasts near a year and a half.  I do believe that it takes longer than we may think, since it takes the average adult a year and a half to get to know someone else fully.  Whether it is a stage that takes place after the wedding or during a certain period of the coupling stage, it still needs some explaining and understanding.

In a culture where we give up via break-up or divorce rather than keep going, we have a mind-set that prepares us for departure after the honeymoon stage.  The process away from the honeymoon stage is easier when we understand what is taking place and why.

What is going on in the Honeymoon stage:

  • We are getting used to the demands that a relationship has.  We begin to realize that the relationship feels like work.
  • We are learning things we might not completely enjoy about our partner.
  • Arguments begin.
  • Sexual desire may decrease.

How can you get through leaving the honeymoon stage?

  • Be understanding that relationships can be work.  Give it 120 percent and be prepared to hang in there during the tough times.
  • Try to be understanding of your differences and non-judgmental.
  • Arguments should be handled in a safe environment where people feel they can speak their minds and take responsibility.
  • Seek advice on how to bring sexual desire back.

Love Relationships

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Laurie Wilson and Elle Anzalone are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Huntington Beach, CA.

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