How to Make Your Relationship Better

All types of relationships exist in our culture.  One of the most interesting are romantic relationships.  All romantic relationships go through times of trial.  It is in these times of trial that we are able to gauge whether or not our heart is invested in the relationship.  It is after these times of trial that two people may have decided to keep going.  When you keep going, there are still going to be struggles.

Although there is not one common thought for how to deal with struggles, I am a big fan of positive psychology.  Now this field is a relatively new field, coming into use in 1998.  It is meant to compliment tradition psychology in understanding how positive relationships, situations, and life can benefit the individual and the relationships around the individual.

I used to think that venting was a great way to dispose of the negative happenings of the day.  However, studies show that venting does not increase our tolerance and acceptance of a situation, it increases our irritation.

I bring this thought into motion, on the discussion of relationships, because I want to give you tools and ideas to increase the happiness in your relationship.  How to make your relationship better is easy.  Try some positive thought activities to improve your mood and the relationships well-being:

  • Surround Yourself with Positive People.  We feed off the of the company we keep.  Maybe it is time to evaluate whose moods might just feel draining.
  • Exercise and Eat well.  Exercise releases endorphins within the Brain.  The Brain is where all our thought is sifted through and processed.  Eating well causes the right chemicals to be produced and the correct vitamins to get absorbed.
  • Speak Right.  Use positive talk when you are talking with people.  Be encouraging and offer support and happy thoughts.
  • Try to Find the Good.  Try to find the good in things.  At work, school, and with people.  Look at every situation for the good it offers and the opportunities it brings.

Once positive thinking begins to take place, it will be routine for your thought patterns to fall from negative to positive.  Lucky for us, like communication, positive thinking is also something that can be learned.


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