How to Know Which Games to Play and When to Play Them

Which games should you play in a relationship and which should you avoid?  Sometimes a little game playing can make a desired partner take notice of you.  You should never play games that intentionally hurt or harm someone else, but letting the curiosity and chase happen in the beginning of a relationship is crucial.  Also knowing when to implement it during a relationships’ lulls is important.  Unfortunately, game playing is a deliberate part of being a male. As women, we can be more emotional and analytical, so it is important for us to consciously implore the right games at the right times.

Beginning Games – These are games that occur when the dating is taking place.  Before the relationship is official. 

Ignore.  Give yourself a number of days to yourself.  There is nothing wrong with waiting a couple of days to call someone who left their phone number for you.

Give a little.  Everything in moderation.  Give yourself time limits on dates.  Hold hands, then hug, then kiss.  Make this progression into a relationship last so you can learn about your potential partner.  You are in the stage that you could get over-excited and jump into the relationship head first.


Smile and Flirt. Don’t flirt with other people, because that can come off wrong.  Flirt with your potential partner and smile always.  You are so much more attractive when you are glowing.  Light flirting can make anyone blush.  This works especially well for women, because men like to be in “charge”.  If you are the gorgeous girl in the room and all your attention is on him, he feels special.  Flirting with everyone in the room makes you less desirable as a girlfriend.

Ignore some more. Make visits short and random.  The person should be hitting you up to try to get some of your precious time.  Being too available can be a turn off.


Implementing Games During the Relationship 

If you feel like your partner is not being as attentive to you or you notice a certain change, then make some moves.  If you feel something is different, then maybe it is.  Wear a new outfit.  Take a weekend away with friends.  Bring some of the dating games back into the relationship.  This will help bring the romance and newness back to the relationship.  When we get in a relationship we tend to neglect some of the things we did before.  It is amazing how making a small change can have your spouse looking at you again like they are meeting you for the first time.


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2 responses to “How to Know Which Games to Play and When to Play Them”

  1. I’s like to read your thoughts on the following topic/questions:
    Do you feel that one partner has the upper hand in a relationship?
    Do you think that one partner “wearing the pants” is real?
    Should there be a dominant partner in the relationship?
    Do you think one partner holding the dominance in a relationship is good or bad?
    What can be the results, both positive and/or negative?

    • The first three questions are pretty similar. I don’t address this in this article, but partnering together on decision making is probably the best idea. This article is not intended to tell people how they should react or act. It is merely a way imply that “games” are necessary sometimes. It is never about hurting anyone. Game playing is more of a way to secure a desired partner, or to make sparks come back with a current partner.

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