A Parenting Resource

A Parenting Resource

I really enjoyed reading this book. I believe it brings insight into, not only parenting, but also all types of relationships.


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  1. Hey Misskjelstrom,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, The reason I ask is that I’ve been collecting parenting books and magazines ever since I got married, hoping that soon we’d have a baby. Well, I’m still waiting for my dream to come true so I’ve been faithfully holding on to them. But now, I’m wondering if they need to be tossed. Of course I know that the internet is full of resources and I try to stay current, even learning all about elimination communication and things like that, but sometimes it’s just nice to have things in print. My question is, being that my printed material doesn’t have the latest parenting info, is it of any value? I know I have to have the very latest information on things like safety, but what other types of info go out of date quickly? I guess another way to ask is this…moms – what’s the oldest parenting material you’ve felt comfortable using?

    • Malcolm,

      I am right there with you on printed material! I believe that print does become outdated. I would want to know which books and when they were printed? (To answer specifically). We live in a fast moving society with constant changes. Values still hold true, but it is deciphering what society is changing into and how kids are now being influenced.

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