Your Biggest Relationship Asset

What do you think your biggest relationship asset is?  Let me give you some hints:

It is not your looks, as sexy as you may be.  It is not your job, or your money, it is not your large house or the metals you won in sports; it is not how you romance someone.


The biggest asset in securing a relationship and keeping it is your attitude.  Your attitude is something that, whether you like it or not, is going to come out at your best times and your worst times. Your attitude includes the way you evaluate yourself and the outside world around you. It makes you judge and perceive situations and people.  But it also gives people insight on your personality.  Your attitude will allow your partner to see how you engage in certain situations and with certain people.


Here is a list of unattractive attitudes:

– Bad attitude.  Who wants to be around Pouty Pat or Sassy Sarah all the time? No one does!

– Entitlement attitude.   The reality is that your entitlement attitude might get you through your teens and even college, but it will not help you secure a spouse.

– Inflexible attitude.  Exceptions are important in life.  A black and white view of the world will only hinder your attitude.

– Selfish attitude. Being giving shows your ability to love.  If you are too busy keeping things all to yourself, sharing your life with someone will be difficult.

Your attitude will motivate you or make you fearful.  Your biggest relationship asset is part of your personality, but it is the part of your personality that can be altered.  Your attitude can change, but you have to work on aspects of your life in order to begin to change it.

Here are some attitudes you should adopt: hopeful, optimistic, playful, grateful, cheerful, open, and confident.

Here is how to work toward those promising attitudes:

Change your Expectations:  If you want others or yourself to meet too high of expectations, you will always be disappointed which will fuel a bad attitude.  Lower your expectations and make them more reasonable, this way you and others will be able to meet those expectations.

See the Glass Half Full:  Change the way you look at things.  Try to find the good in people, events, work and relationships.  This will help shape your attitude for the better.

Your Friends:  Make sure you have optimistic people surrounding you.  Our attitudes brush off on one another.  Being around people who have good attitudes will allow you to create one too!


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