Why is Dating So Complicated?

Do you remember back when a “crush” would call; you relished the fact that you finally got your parents to buy a cordless phone so you could take the call in your bedroom.  You would yell out, “Mom, I got it,” after picking it up.  Before that you would hope that the phone cord would reach far enough into the other room so you could close the door in privacy.  Now all of that seemed complicated!












So if we have privacy and numerous ways to connect (social media and online dating) what makes dating so complicated now? Whether you are new to the dating scene or getting back into it after a recent break-up or divorce, dating has never been more complicated.

Dating is so complicated because:

We bring our past into it.  It is sometimes unintentional but also unavoidable.  Most of our grandparents and some of our parents met and married when they were between the ages of 19-23.  This means that their past dating profiles were limited in comparison.  In todays’ culture our break-ups and divorces stack up and make it more difficult to let our past go.

Too much freedom.  The days of leaving a message at the beep are over.  Text Messaging is the new way to ask or be asked out on a first date.  The problem is that beginning a relationship like this makes it so impersonal.

Too much distraction. I can recall going on a few dates in which the suitor would utilize his electronic device during dinner to text or skim Facebook.  Honestly, that was such a turn-off that I never went out on a second date, but some of us don’t see it right away.  The distraction of smart phones becomes one that is hindering our dating lives.  (And some of our relationships).

Too much talk. We become a more entitled people each generation to the next.  We believe that because we graduated college someone owes us a great paying job.  This sense of entitlement has carried over into our dating lives.  We want someone who is going to have the full package (looks, personality, career, character, and thoughtfulness) but we are not willing to make sure we are giving the full package in return.  If you complain about your 35 hour work week, don’t expect to find someone who is loyal to a job and lands a managing position after putting in 2 years of 50 hour work weeks.

You don’t pay attention to red flags.  Most of the time there are hints about a person in the beginning of the dating relationship.  You can pay attention to these and weed out the bad ones pretty quickly.  If you have a tendency to try to look past that and find the best in people, well that is a very admirable quality, but it is not a quality to utilize in your dating life.  Be smart and weed the bad out quickly.

Dating doesn’t have to be complicated.  Join us tomorrow as we talk about How You Can Un-Complicate Your Dating LIfe.  Don’t worry, it does not include plugging back in that landline phone.


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