Unlearning Yourself by Learning You (A 30-day series)

With the Holiday season under way and 2014 right around the corner, I wanted to take the next 30 days to discuss ideas of self-awareness to gain a better understanding of you and the role you take in your relationships.   This series will lead up to possible goals for the upcoming New Year; whether you will be finding a new love, rekindling an old love, working on a broken love, or even falling in love with your new you.

Unlearning Yourself by Learning You is a new series I have been working on to help you understand your relationship and more importantly yourself.  I look forward to the next 30 days to help in many ways and to create a dialogue in my readers with themselves or their significant others.

The idea of unlearning yourself is breaking some of the negative reactions or patterns that we have to other people and ourselves.  Learning you will be a journey through the past, to work on the present, and to help build more positive outcomes in your future.

Although this is a 30- day series, constant awareness of one’s self and strive for improvement are daily tasks.  A one-time New Year’s epiphany will not facilitate real change, but an understanding of oneself can begin the growth process.

I hope you find this series helpful and humbling as we journey through it together.


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