Who’s Who in Your Life – Part 1

Today’s article will be the first part of two.  This is a very insightful homework assignment that I once did myself.  I also continue to do it as needed.

What I want you to do is make a list.  I want you to make a list with two sides.  One side is titled “people who fill your cup” and the other side is titled “people who empty your cup.”

Your “cup” is your life.  Some people add positive aspects to your life and in essence fill your cup.  Others might be negative, unsupportive, or constant drama and empty your cup.  I will elaborate more on the meaning tomorrow, but for today, I want you to make that list.  When you make the list if you find yourself mulling over someone for too long, that is a strong indication that they might belong in the “empty your cup” side.  (Just make the list and don’t think too much).

This list can be made up of anyone you are in relationship with.  It can be family, friends, co-workers, people you date, people you are interested in, or anyone else that takes up at least a portion of your week on a regular basis.  It can’t be your barista at Starbucks just because you see him or her each morning!  This should be people of influence or condition in your life.

Tomorrow’s  article will elaborate on the meaning of your list and what to do with it now.

Happy Home-working!


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