‘You’re Single? What’s Wrong With You?’

Travis Barton Life

Recently, I was having a great conversation with a woman outside of my local gym, and as we spoke, the topic quickly turned to relationships and love life. When she asked me about my current relationship status, I gave her my usual response—as of two years—“nope, no one.”  Now, you have to understand that I’m 30 years old, and at my ripe old age—and for other people going into their fourth decade of life—we are seemingly expected by the world to be in a relationship. If we’re not, most people seem to think that there must be something just…well, wrong with us. If you’re single and reading this, the odds are greatly in favor of the fact that the inquisition of “why are you still single?” seems to show up at every outing with friends and every family get-together. This hypothesis of mine is clearly evidenced by my usual, long-winded…

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