The Bachelor- To Have and To… Hold Up Wait a Minute

Tonight marks another episode of this season’s Bachelor with Ben Higgins.  As my girlfriends and I watch this episode, we wonder why all the women keep referring to Ben as their “boyfriend” or “future husband.”  I mean, aren’t we in the courting stage here? The girls get upset when they see him spending time with and kissing other girls.  We do know what we signed up for, right?

In light of all the awkward assumptions and drama, I would still like to engage in making predictions for the future:

The chemistry between JoJo and Ben is unmatchable.  I think she will be one of the top two.  My prediction is along with Lauren B.  


The premise of this show is interesting; especially to watch from a social perspective.  When you put one suitor in a house that is in search of love, and give them people to choose from, they are bound to find love during the show.  If someone told you that as a single man, you were going to be in a house with even six beautiful women who are also looking for love; likely that you will leave the house with one of those women.  Remember how The Real World panned out though.  The earlier seasons were based around social issues and overcoming prejudice, while the later episodes highlighted hooking up and drinking.  Sometimes less is more.

Reality tv shows make it hard for us to have real expectations of relationships, dates, and mates.  

We watch these seasons unfold as the couples are taken on elaborate dates, flown to exotic locations, and even have confetti thrown on them as they kiss.  It is important that we don’t let reality shows on love skew our image of the hard work, dedication, and collaboration it takes to make a relationship survive.

Ben, as a fellow Hoosier, I wish you all the luck in finding the woman of your dreams.  The sincerity of your words will make a very happy Mrs. Higgins.


Laurie Kjelstrom, M.A. is a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern based in Huntington Beach, CA. 


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