You are Stronger than You Think

Sometimes we question a part of our life. We wonder.  It may be a relationship, a job, or a habit.

We might be in a relationship with a partner who has actions we don’t agree with.  We try to find a reason our partner would have such rude behavior.  We excuse the inexcusable because we don’t want to let go of that person or that relationship.  We  defend that person to our friends and family.  We build a case for justice, only to have it fall apart over and over again.

If we question a job, we wonder if our talents and education will yield us more opportunity, but we stay with the same employer.  We try to talk ourselves in to happiness.  We try to find hope in a job that feels hopeless.  We lose morale, we lose motivation, and we lose passion.

If we question a habit, we have thought about quitting before but we tell ourselves that now is not the right time.  We find a reason to keep up our habit out of fear.  We let our fear drive us and our addiction become us.

You need to know that whether it is a relationship, a job, or a habit, excuses will just continue the cycle.  We have to live healthy and happy.  But the real question is….

What are we actually searching for?

We are blindly reaching for a way to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of moving to a new unknown place.  We stay with someone who hurt us because it is familiar.  We stay in a job that does not make us happy because it is comfortable.  We keep up with the same habit, because we don’t know who we are without it.

Getting to a place where you are at peace with leaving an unpleasant relationship is powerful. Getting to a place where you can reconcile a job move is amazing.  Getting to a place where you come to terms with giving up a bad habit is incredible.  However, in order to get to that place of accord, we have to be willing to walk through the trenches of discomfort.  We have to accept temporary pain for lasting growth.

We are stronger than we think.  We are worth fighting for.   Accept that things will get better.  Accept help.

My name is Laurie Kjelstrom and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern.  My passion is helping people get through the difficult times in life; walk with them through the darkness to get back to the light.  If you or a loved one needs counseling in the state of California, please call me today.  714-747-4393


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