Synthetic Social Engagement

We often walk around in a fog.

A fog that is accompanied by hand-held consumer items such as Starbucks coffee and smart phones.

A fog that exists because it is easy and convenient.  It comes to us with ease but it carries a heavy price.  We feel connected but we aren’t.   It’s only synthetic social engagement.

We become a social world of happy pictures, with beautiful filters and funny videos.  The natural engagement can’t measure up.  We blame the current state of affairs because it’s easier than to fight against it.  We enjoy being comfortable.  We reject what is painful and desire comfort, we fear loss, and we love what is pleasant to us.  So here we are, stuck in synthetic social engagement.

You are your instagram pictures, you are your twitter feed, you are your Facebook status.  You aren’t your khaki pants, but you are an updated post of yourself in those pants.

Social isolation is present, but we don’t feel it.  You are not your instagram.  You are not your Facebook. The more we remain disconnected, the more social anxiety we create.  The screens are harboring a way for us to feel connected but to remain isolated.

We get compliments, but only in likes.

We get dates, but only in swipes.

We get connected, but only through a screen.

We bully, but we hide behind that screen.

We share memories, but only in snaps.

In a world filled with ways to connect, we are more disconnected then ever.



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