True Leaders are Rare

We might excuse managers, executives or bosses who treat us unkind because of their power position.  When your directors are insensitive or cruel, this is a difficult spot to be in.  Innovative work environments establish a collaborative team, managers included.  But how do you know if you are working for a true leader or a boss? 


Here are some quick tips about what to look for in a true leader:

  1. A true leader will “get in the trenches with you.”  This is someone who is willing to jump in and help out rather than just dictate.
  2. A true leader will show who they are when no one is looking.  You can catch them going above and beyond and being kind to others.  This person may ask more of you, but due to their ability to support you it won’t feel as challenging.
  3. A true leader is “never too good to get the coffee.”  I strongly believe that true leaders execute humility in all they do.
  4. A true leader is always growing. Having a leader that displays confidence but also knows their growth areas is highly important.

We are worthy of having people around us that encourage our growth and inspire us.  Real leaders motivate, they do not dictate.


Article by: Laurie Wilson, LMFT102432

Owner and Therapist at CNTRD Counseling Inc.




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