Laurie Wilson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. This is her blog about life stuff, mental health, struggling, and surviving.  My belief that it is important to start conversations about social topics, relationship topics, personal growth and everything mental health (including the tough talks).
Laurie is sincere in her work with clients and can provide helpful support with unconditional regard in times of need.
Her current life mantra is:
1. You can never be too good, too special, or too important to get someone else’s coffee. I can do the hard work with my clients, because I have done and continue to do the hard work with myself.
Laurie can be seen in her Huntington Beach office, Fountain Valley office or over Telehealth for individual or couples counseling work.
Her counseling style is attachment based with a client-centered focus.  They find that most people appreciate practical feedback and

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