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The Death of Chivalry

The word chivalry comes from the demeanor of knights in the middle ages; the nobel knights had courage and honor.  Today we understand chivalry as the acts of men when taking care of a lady.  Men, we appreciate these acts.


There is a disconnect today with how to treat a lady. Check out this list to get the low down on these high-class chivalrous acts:

  • Open or hold doors
  • Pay the bill
  • Carry the luggage
  • Scrape off the car windows in the winter
  • Offer your jacket when she is cold
  • Stand up when a woman arrives at or leaves the table
  • Pull the car around for her
  • Walk on the sidewalk closest to the street
  • Pull out her chair

Ladies, don’t settle for a man that isn’t a gentleman or doesn’t do his best to attempt to be.  Make sure you do your part by being thankful and polite in equally acceptable ways.


The Flower Guy

Walking into the office today I ran into a guy that had a vase filled with roses and lilies.


A woman commented, “Lucky lady.”  He responded, “I am lucky to have her.”

A woman’s heart instantly melts when you remind her how much she means to you.

This chivalrous act leads me to contemplate the little things that we forget in our relationships.  To be thankful and gracious for every day that we get to spend our lives with someone we love so much.

Make sure to do little nothings to remind the one you are with how much you appreciate them in your life.  The rest will work itself out, after we appreciate the love we have.

 In a relationship positive attitudes and actions are contagious.