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Intensity is Not Love

I was listening to Loveline with Dr. Drew the other night.  I overheard him say this to one of the callers, “Intensity is not love.”  I sat with that for a moment and began to unpack what it means to have intensity in a relationship. Intensity is not what the majority of us know as…

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Why You’re Not Married

One of the most important aspects about being a good writer is being a great reader.  I came across this gem in the Huffington Post written by Tracy McMillan.  She writes for Mad Men and United States of Tara.  It was published in 2011, but two years later is still relevant to all those who…

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The Marriage Housing Market

The American housing market has been in a lull for some time now.  At least that is what I read; I am not an expert on housing, real estate or anything of that nature.  A couple of years ago, I overheard someone say, “It is a buyers’ market.”  Some people conceive the market is going back…

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