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Adapting for the Millennial Workforce

How do we prepare for millennials in the workforce?  What are we missing when it comes to understanding this generation?  Why do we want it to be similar to generations before it?

Some people see the millennials as an entitled generation; that they expect things  they didn’t earn.  A generation that is used to instant gratification.  After all, they never had to press rewind on a cassette player and wait 5 minutes for it to rewind.  The millennials are used to anything they want at the touch of a screen.  They are different. They are very different.


There is a new status quo.  The millennials want quicker, faster and easier.  I mean, can we blame them?  We might see it as collaborative social anxiety and an embellished sense of self.  However, what if we change the way we see it?  How can we begin to adapt for the millennial workforce?

What if we said, they have an ability to collaborate and a high sense of pride for their work to resemble self.

As psychology heads towards positive affirming, we should establish more hope for the future.  Previous generations need to update our attitude while the millennials update their status.  The millennials want consistent feedback and less aggressive micromanaging.

Preparing for the millennial workforce takes a different approach:

  1. Encourage Collaboration – Millennials are encouraged by competition.  They are competing for “likes” and not just on their Instagram, but in the workforce.
  2. Learn from their Tech Savvy– Learn something from your younger counterparts.  They are tech savvy and they have been using iPads since elementary school.
  3. Give them Independence– Independence is important to the millennials.  Micromanaging this generation will cause nothing but headache for you and quitting for them.
  4. Welcome Change – As a hiring manager or business owner you will have to accept where this new generation is.  Change is here and it happens faster than it used to.  This generation embraces change. You need to as well.
  5. Cultivate Inspiration– Cut the coddling, but keep up with the Kardashians.  Millennials are inspired by realities that past generations may not understand.  They are influenced by social excitement and energized by new ideas.
  6. Recognize their Values– Money isn’t enough.  They use plastic or scan apps to pay for things.  They don’t place value on money.  They have barely even seen it.  They want to take a selfie at Machu Picchu instead of buying that new BMW.  The monetary value doesn’t override the freedom.

We are not impressing upon the indulgent.  We are not acting like overprotective parents.  We are building a new workforce that appreciates positive feedback and collective collaboration.  So how do we prepare for the millennials to take over the workforce?  We encourage, we connect, and we inspire.


The Feisty Woman

I discussed the dating tricks for independent women in my article entitled: Does Your Independence Turn Men Off?

Independent women might be raging with confidence and glowing with success, but some of us have difficulty taking a step back with our independence, which can hinder our dating life.  Since this is a two-way street, what can a man do with the independent feisty woman?  Men, you’ll have to Step it Up.  Be strong and confident in your nature and advances.  A strong, independent, and feisty woman needs a man that can keep her on her toes by sweeping her off of them.


Try these tricks:

  • Hang Around:  Most women who are tough and independent still have a soft nurturing side. Get to know her and see if her feisty nature is something you can dig.
  • Teach Us Something:  Since you feed off the need to take care of her, you better figure out things that you can take care of.  If a woman is a contractor, you can’t build her house.  Learn how to fix her car, then.  Show her your dedication by the excitement you also get out of learning something new for her and yourself.
  • Show Us Up:  If we already “know everything”, you have to learn how to communicate with us.  Figure it out.  She instructs everyone else in her life how to do things or take care of her, or she does it herself. A feisty woman will respect that you can be the man to take care of her.  Show her that she does not have to give you a road map, because already have one.

If an independent woman is in the middle of proving herself, she may have a difficult time backing down.  Appreciate that she is a dedicated hard-worker and will be the same later down the road for a family.