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6 Ways To Find Peace

Finding peace is about exploring the world around us.  It is about engaging in social relationships.  It is about taking care of ourselves physically and mentally.  It is a constant exploration of our world, our motivations, and our attachments.  Here are some tips to begin that exploration:


  1. Understand that some people or things are not for you.   Some people cause us harm.  They hurt our feelings or don’t agree with our value system.  Trenton Shelton said “Just because someone starts with you, doesn’t mean that they are going to finish with you.”
  2.  Maintain Balance.  When life gets overwhelming, you have to take a step back and check in with your mind, body, and spirit.  Ask yourself what your motivation is for your actions.  Explore where your uncomfortable stress may come from and find ways to lessen it.
  3. Find joy in the little things.  Look for the good in people.  Look for the joy in the little things.  If you are looking for what is wrong in a person or thing, you will find it.  Look with exploration and not judgement.
  4. Cultivate love. Build secure relationships and be willing to give.  Stay through the uncomfortable parts and increase the happy memories. Leave any expectations at the door.
  5. Don’t hide from hurt.  Don’t hide from your emotions.  Allow yourself to feel them and then allow them to float on.  We have to grieve before we can move forward appropriately.
  6. Play. You can not fully enjoy freedom until you have established discipline.  This discipline helps us maintain healthy relationships, take care of ourselves physically and mentally, and to have clarity in our character.  When you balance discipline and play, you will be on the right path to finding peace.

Remember to find peace it is important to take care of our body and mind.  Finding peace is about learning how to maintain our emotional states and engage in the care we need to give to ourselves and others.





Leave the Past in the Past

Do you ever wonder why you reminisce about your past relationships?  

It is human nature to romanticize our past relationships; we typically do this more when life’s stresses get us down.  Take these three steps towards leaving the past: 

1. Conscious of Triggers

Be conscious of how different situations are going to affect you.  If you can determine days, times, or situations that are going to lead into you wishfully dreaming about the past, then you can keep yourself in check. If you tend to think more about the past when hanging with other couples, maybe you need a little time away from other couples.  If places remind you of your old boo, maybe it is time to find new places.   

2. Spring Cleaning

“You can not make room in the fridge for healthy new items if the moldy old ones are still in the way.” Jane Page, Ph.D.  Take your time to clean out the souvenirs and memories of the past.  Don’t hold onto anything that reminds you of your past relationship, untag old Facebook photos and throw away that old t-shirt of his you still wear.  

3. Move Into The Future

The problem with the past is, just that.  Looking in the past is dull and lonely, it causes you to look back.  In the mean time you will be running into people who are headed towards their future.  Whatever is it you have fantasized about, it is over.  We can’t go into the future until we have forgiven and let go of the past.  

Embrace the future, it holds much more wonder and excitement.  You have the opportunity to fall in love with someone you have never met, or met in passing.  It’s your new beginning.