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After the Honeymoon Stage

We have all heard of the honeymoon stage in a relationship.  It is understood as the “happy, romantic” time of a relationship; the time when your partner is your biggest fan and you are theirs. The length of the honeymoon stage is debatable.  Some say it lasts from a few weeks to a few months,…

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The “Other” In An Affair

When we talk about the “other” person in the affair, we often have no sympathy for someone who is willing to come in the middle of a relationship.  Maybe we shouldn’t have any, however if you have ever been the “other” person in an extramarital affair or with someone who is in an exclusive relationship,…

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Goodbye Cougar, Hello Manther

The term Cougar was first acknowledged in the early 2000’s in Vancouver as a name for a woman of high physical appearance aroused by young male’s sexual appetites.  The cougar is known for it’s ability to ambush predator.  The manther is the male equivalent to the cougar.   Unlike it’s cougar counterpart, the manther stalks it’s prey in silence using…

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