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Is Monogamy an Outdated Tradition?

Some recent articles have dismissed the ideas that monogamy is still good and possible.  It is a good tradition, but also the possibility of it working lies strongly within the individuals in the relationship.

This practice is what sets humans apart from other animal species.  As April Beyer points out, traditions are traditions because they work.  Although animals can differ in their mating practices, nearly 90 percent of animals practice socially monogamy.  This means that they live and practice a “family” life with two “adults” in a single living arrangement.

Mating systems used to be different, where as behavior was engaged in simply to  stimulate reproductive success.   Today the idea of monogamy is not only social acceptable but a successful marriage depends heavily on it.  Some people qualify monogamy as a part of love that embodies certain moral and ethical practices.  Whatever your reasoning is for considering monogamy to be an outdated tradition, I simply ask you to consult all the numerous books, articles, traditions, values, and reliable information on how monogamy is important in our culture.


Monogamy should not only be something we approach, but something we value and respect.


So you got Shot Down

It is more likely for someone not to approach another person because of a fear of being shot down.  However, statistics show taking that leap will yield better results than the weight of conflict you hold in your head about being shot down.

We are often harder on ourselves about how others view us than the actual perceptions they have of us.  If you get shot down, don’t take it too hard.

It likely has nothing to do with you, but the person you approached may be in a relationship, simply not interested in dating, or a number of other items that have nothing to do with you.