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What’s Love Got to Do With It

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today is that day.  It’s the day that people exchange gifts, cards, flowers, candies, and cute and cuddly teddy bears.  Today is the day that third grade boy buys his first Valentine’s Day gift for his sweetheart.  He mulls over the aisles at the local Target looking for the perfect way to tell his first crush that he thinks she is special.  It is the day that he gets butterflies in his stomach, hoping that he makes the right decision.  It is the day that she waits for his call and lights up when she hears his voice on the other end.

It is also a day of cynics.  It is a day where the jaded remind us that we are crazy and they are single.  It is the day that eyes roll and people scoff.  But why?  I understand if you are displeased with the commercialization of the Holiday, but the same can be said for many Holidays today.  So why so much hate for VD?  I mean, it’s a day to celebrate Love.  The cynical and jaded make the single assumption that not having a romantic interest on this Day of Hearts makes it a painful reminder that we are single.  But what does being single have to do with it?  This day is about Love.  That love is also shared amongst family members and friends.  We share in love with our children and remind them that they are special.  When I was little my father used to get my sisters and I all chocolates.  Maybe my outlook on this adorable day is a direct product of the idea that it was about family and not romance.  Love has everything to do with it.

The history of Valentine’s Day has to do with a Christian Martyr that got into trouble for marrying couples.  That background is probably responsible for making Valentine’s Day associated with love and romance.  In a time when lovers couldn’t marry, they were fighting the ability to do so.  Appears we are always fighting against something.  So you cynical singles fight the good fight, only 16 more hours left to go.  As for the rest of us, smile, cuddle, and tell them you love them.


Where Can You Meet Available Men or Woman?

Anywhere!   You can start a conversation with anyone anywhere.  Make a joke, ask about a piece of clothing or a product they are holding or try “You look familiar, have we met?” 

 Try these places: 

  • grocery store
  • coffee shop
  • laundry mat or dry cleaners
  • restaurants
  • in the elevator
  • at the gym
  • in the park
  • in the parking lot
  • target
  • a sporting event
  • the beach

 Remember these two key components to be available yourself: 

Make time to meet people.  You don’t have to go out and seek someone, just slow down and notice the people around you. 

Try going alone.  I gave advice for meeting people when you are with friends in: How to be a Man Magnet or How to be a Chick Magnet, but you are significantly more approachable when you are alone.  If you are meeting friends for dinner, arrive early and have a seat at the bar while you wait.  Don’t fidget with your phone either, be approachable. 

Check out these movie clips for quick tips: 

The Messer Magic in Life As We Know It 

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